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Northeast Ohio’s Premier Workers’ Compensation Third Party Administrator

Discover the difference that a true partner can provide in your workers’ compensation risk management program. Our experience and client commitment result in creative strategies designed to minimize your future exposure and reduce overall premium obligation.

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“The level of service we received sustained through the years. Anything we did not understand about the BWC and the claims process resulted in a thorough explanation and always, if needed, pertinent recommendations for improvement and efficiency in our procedures. One of the best I have worked with in the industry, and I was in the Human Resource field for over 30 years.”

Carol Kestranek
Benefits Administrator (Retired)
Cleveland Cavaliers Operating Company


Too many Ohio employers sign on with the least expensive TPA they can find, not realizing the serious ongoing premium implications that can result from the inexperience and ineffectiveness a “cheap” alternative invariably brings. And then find out when a claim occurs just how costly that decision was. Measure the experience level of your individual claims manager – that is who will actually manage your claims, and the single most important factor on which to base your decision. Don’t you want sound, seasoned advice in such an economically impactful area?